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English Notes 5 & 6

April 07, 2016


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5th Grade Reteach, Practice & Extend Worksheets

Grammar Terms @ Study Stack

Confusing Word Study

Confusing Words: Notes

MMH: Grade 5 Links


6th Grade Worksheets: Reteach, Practice & Extend

Grammar Terms @ Study Stack

Confusing Word Study

Confusing Words: Notes

MMH Links: Grade 6


Excellent English Links

Newspaper Generator:  http://www.fodey.com/generators/newspaper/snippet.asp


Grammar Tutorial

Grammar PowerPoints by Marge D    Marge's Punctuation PowerPoints        

Agenda Web: Free English Exercises

Mrs. Sullivan's Group Shares Great Grammar  Links   

Resources for the Essay Writer: Thanks Teen Chapter of the Midwest Writing Club   

Ms. Tipton's Links

Interactive Organizers      Graphic Organizers    25 Organizers @ Daily Tch. Tools    

42 Explore Language Arts

Grammar Monster

Grammar Review at Game Zone

English Exercises

Flipchart: Grammar Review

Quia: Parts of Speech 

I4C Writing

Video: 6 Traits of Writing


Edu Place: Houghton Mifflin

Harcourt School's Grammar Practice Park

Grammar Blast: HM


Grammar Workshop

Interactive Exercises

Story Starter Generator

Story Writing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqDkKgMXdyk

Story Elements Rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6I24S72Jps&index=6&list=RDPdBYH7LN6kI

Style Seminar

Letter Generator

Soft School's Grammar Quizzes


Spooky Punctuation

Comma Chameleon 

Magical Capitals 

"Quotation Mark" Song

EC: Captain Cluck

EC: Rap

Rules & Online Practice

Punctuation Points



Erin Lamay's Portaportal: All Subjects


Scholastic Scope Magazine

Grammar Journals


Unit 1: Sentences 

Song:English Teachers Sing About Grammar

Punctuation Worksheets at K-12 Reader

1. 5th & 6th Sentences & Fragments WS 1

Song: Cool Song: Sentences

Simple Sentence

2. 5th Declarative & Interrogative WS 2
6th Kinds of Sentences WS 2

Explanation & Examples at K-12 Reader

Slideshow: 4 Types of Sentences

3. 5th Imperative & Exclamatory WS 3
6th Combining: Compound Sentences WS 3

Quia Quiz: 4 Types of Sentences

Song:Justin Bieber: Compound Sentences


4. 5th Combining: Compound Sentences WS 4
6th Combining: Complex Sentences WS 4

Compound Sentences

GL #4: Simple, Compound & Complex Sentences

Easy Practice Activity

SR: Conjunction Junction

100's of Conjunction Activities

Inserted Image

5. 5th & 6th Sentence Punctuation WS 5

PPT MD: Punctuation.

Practice Punctuation

Punctuation Campground

6. 5th & 6th Mixed Review WS 6

GL #3: Independent & Dependent Clause Quiz

PPT: Marge D--Sentences      PPT: Sentence Variety

7. 5th & 6th Complete Subjects & Predicates WS 7

Song: Subjects & Predicates

SR: Subjects & Predicates w/ Mr. Morton

Learn about Subjects & Predicates

Activity        Quiz        Song

Sink or Swim: Too Hard for Ms. D
Not the work, catching the fish!

School House Quiz

Ready to Print Worksheet

8. 5th Simple Subjects WS 8 
6th Simple Subjects & Predicates WS 8

Video/4 Min. Appuseries

Subjects & Predicates

You Tube/Appuseries: Sentences

Click pic above for more learning links

9. 5th Simple Predicates WS 9
5th Combining Sentences: Compound Subjects WS 10
6th Combining Sentences: Compound Subjects WS 9 

Sentence Structure

Subject & Predicate: Compound Sub. & Pred.

10. 5th Combining Sentences: Compound Predicates WS 11
6th Combining Sentences: Compound Predicates WS 10

Video/4 min.:Compound Sentences

11. 5th Correcting Run-on Sentences WS 12 
6th WS 11

What is a run on sentence?

Run On Sentence Quiz

Zapping Run-on Sentences

12. 5th Mixed Review WS 13 
6th WS 12


PPT Comma--Great Revew

13. 5th Common Errors: Fragments & Run-ons WS 14 
6th WS 13

BrainPOP: Learn about Run On Sentences

OWL Quiz: 10 Sentences

Fragment, Complete, or Run On 

14. 5th Study Skills: Note-Taking WS 15
6th Maps & Atlases WS 14

MMH Link

15. 5th Time Order Words WS 16
6th WS 15

John Glenn

Seeing Like a Writer: At the Beach

16. 5th Composition: Main IdeaWS 17
6th WS 16

Introduction: Main Idea/Details

Main Idea & Details Ppt.1

Main Idea & Details Ppt. 2

Main Idea & Details Ppt. 3

It's on the Test . . .

4 Types of Sentences:
Declarative Interrogative Imperative Exclamatory

a complete sentence from a sentence fragment

how to combine 2 simple sentences to make a compound sentence

Conjunctions: FAN BOYS for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so (Yes, there are more.)

how and when to use punctuation correctly

be able to find complete subjects and complete predicates

be able to find simple subjects and simple predicates

be able to find compound subjects and compound predicates

know what a run-on sentence is, and know how to fix one

Be able to recognize and write a simple and compound sentence

Video/10 Minutes: Dry, but Great Review  

Personal Narrative

Personal Narrative: Use this format when you type your essay.

Inserted Image

Personal Narrative: Tips for a great papere

Personal Narrative: Unwritten--A Song to get youmotivated

Personal Narrative Ppt. 1

Write Source: Student Writing Models

Fact Monster: Sample Narrative & Comments

Lesson Plan: 3 Easy Steps to the PN


Graphic Organizer 6th

How to Write a 5 Paragraph Personal Narrative

Questions to Help Choose a Personal Narrative Topic

Personal Narrative Links

Personal Narrative Topics

6th Grade Graphic Organizer for PN

MLA Format: OWL at Purdue


Unit 2: Nouns

Miss Hunt: Scroll Down to Nouns

Song: Nouns

Noun Worksheets at K-12 Reader

1. 5th Nouns WS 18 
6th WS 17

Ppt. Nouns


Identifying Nouns

2. 5th Singular & Plural Nouns WS 19 
6th WS 18

Copy in Journal: Idea Nouns

Brainpop Game

Fact Monster: Spelling Plural Nouns

Nouns & Verbs

3. 5th More Plural Nouns WS 20 
6th WS 19

The Plural Girls

Commnet: Plural Noun Forms

Plural Play at Harcourt

Harcourt: Noun Explorer

3. 5th Common & Proper Nouns WS 21 
6th WS 20

Identifying Proper Nouns

Noun Dunk: Common or Proper

4. 5th Mechanics & Usage: Capitalization WS 22 
6th WS 21

Rules at CCC

Capitalization: 17 Rules at Grammar Book

Fact Monster

Practice at Soft School


5. 5th Mixed Review WS 23 
6th WS 22

Review Games & Activities

Grammar 4 Kids

Flipchart: Nouns--Irregular Plural

6. 5th Possessive Nouns WS 24 
6th WS 23

Possesive Nouns Explained:  http://www.k12reader.com/term/possessive-nouns/


Rules & Practice Sheets

Mrs. Hunt's Grammar Links

7. 5th Plural Possessive Nouns WS 25
6th Appositives  WS 24

ppst Appositives



8. 5th Combining Sentences: Nouns WS 26
6th WS 25


9. 5th Mechanics and Usage: Letter Punctuation WS 27
6th Titles of Works WS 26

Punctuation Playground

10. 5th Mixed Review WS 28 
6th WS 27

Scholastic: Edit for Dan

Nouns & Verbs: Clean up the beach.

Nouns at Love to Learn


11. 5th Common Errors: Plurals and Possessives WS 29 
6th WS 28



12. 5th Study Skills: Reference Sources WS 30
6th Parts of a Book WS 29

13. 5th Compound Words WS 31
6th How Language Changes WS 30


14. 5th Composition: Leads & Endings WS 32
6th Outlining WS 31


5th & 6th Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive Writing is Everywhere: SongI

Opinion Writing Use this format when you type your essay.g

Slideshare: Persuasive Ppt. 1

Slideshare: Ppt. 2

Prompts: Traci's List of 10

Interactive Persuasion Map

Persuasion at Read, Write, Think

Scholastic: Persuasive Writing

I4C: Writing Middle & Up

I4C: Writing Elementary


Unit 3: Verbs

Verbs      100's of Verb Activities

Song: Schoolhouse Rock: Verb

Verb Rap  0 

Sing Along Verb Song

Verb Worksheets at K-12 Reader

1. 5th Action Verbs WS 33 
6th WS 32

Verbs in Space

Identifying Verbs

2. 5th Direct Objects WS 34
6th Direct & Indirect Objects WS 33

Daily Grammar: Lesson 109


Practice Here

3. 5th Verb Tenses WS 35 
6th WS 34

To Be or Not to Be

4. 5th Subject-Verb Agreement WS 36 
6th WS 35

Exercises for Practice

5. 5th Main Verbs & Helping Verbs WS 40 
5th Using Helping Verbs WS 41 
6th WS 36

Granny Grammar's Lesson

Song: Helping Verbs: Jingle Bell all 23

Song: Helping Verb Blues

6. 5th Commas WS 38 
6th WS 37

PPT Comma

ppst The Comma


7. 5th Mixed Review WS 39 
6th WS 38


8. 5th Main Verbs & Helping Verbs WS 40
5th Using Helping Verbs WS 41


9. 6th Progressive Forms  WS 39
6th Perfect Tense WS 40

10. 5th Linking Verbs WS 42 
6th WS 41

The Linking Verb

Linking Verbs

Song Linking Verb Rap

11. 5th Irregular Verbs WS 43 
6th WS 42

Irregular Verbs-An Exercise

Irregular Verbs

12. 5th More Irregular Verbs WS 44 
6th WS 43

Scroll Down to Irregular Verbs

13. 5th Contractions with Not WS 45 
6th WS 44

3 Games to Choose From

Song: Grammarheads: Contractions

14. 5th Mixed Review WS 46 
6th WS 45

Scroll Down to Verbs


15. 5th Common Errors: Subject-Verb Agreement WS 47 
6th WS 46

Video Subject Verb Agreement

16. 5th Study Skill: Using an Encyclopedia WS 48 
6th Print Resources WS 47


17. 5th Vocabulary: Prefixes & Suffixes WS 49
6th WS 48



18. 5th Composition: Organization  WS 50 
6th WS 49



Unit 4: Adjectives 

Adjective Game

Marge D. Ppt. Adjectives      Adjective School      Agenda Practice Exercises

Scroll Down to Adjectives

Advanced Adjectives   Prezi      Adj. at Enchanted

Flipchart--Adjectives: What They Are & How We Use Them

528 Adjective Worksheets        Adjective Worksheets at K-12 Reader

1. 5th Adjectives WS 51      6th WS 50

Adjective Adventure

All About Adjectives

Song: Schoolhouse Rock   Lyrics

Flipchart: Intro. to Adjectives

2. 5th Articles "Special Adjectives" WS 52
6th WS 51

a, an, the    Article Exercises

Song: 4 Min.     Choose an Article   Harcourt School

English Zone      FlipChart: Adjectives

3. 5th Demonstrative Adjectives WS 53
6th WS 52

Singular: this  that     Plural: these  those

Definition & Quiz   PowerPoint   

Practice Exercises    Video/3:35: Explanation & Practice

Worksheet    Song: Grammarheads: Hey! Adjectives

Rules: Demonstrative Adjective or Pronoun?

4. 5th Proper Adjectives WS 54
6th WS 53

PPT Proper Adjective

What is a Proper Adjective

pdf Proper Adjective Worksheet

PPT Proper Nouns & Proper Adjectives.

5. 5th Mixed Review WS 55
6th WS 54

Wordskills I

Wordskills II

Wordskills III

6. 5th Comparative & Superlative Adj.: WS 56 
6th WS 55

  English Zone    Comparative Adjectives   

PPT Comparing with Adjectives

Superlatives      Practice Here

Video/3:25: Comparative Adjectives

7. 5th Comparing with More & Most WS 57 
6th WS 56


Rules & Quiz

8. 5th Comparing with Good & Bad WS 58 
6th WS 57

Tricky Adjectives & Adverbs

9. 5th Combining Sentences: Adj. WS 59 
6th WS 58

PPT Combining Sentences with Adjectives

    Video: 2 Minutes      Practice  

PPT Combining Sentences: Great

10. 5th Abbreviations WS 60
6th WS 59

Golf Game: Easy      3 Games    Game

   State Abbreviations   State Quiz  Locate State

 Enchanted   List by Category   Fact Monster

11. 5th Mixed Review WS 61      6th WS 60

Song: Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives      Adjectives

List of Adjectives

Adjectives at Guide to Grammar & Writing

12. 5th Common Errors:  Comp. & Sup. WS 62
Adjectives 6th WS 61

Avoiding Common Errors at Purdue


5th Synonyms & Antonyms WS 64 
6th WS 63


Word Toss    Word Frog


Opposite Worksheets


Writing Descriptions

Six Quick Tips for Writing Descriptions
1.Close your eyes and try to recreate the image in your head.
2.Remember that people have five senses. Don’t just rely on visual description.
3.Adjectives should describe, not evaluate. Describing skin as smooth or tan is better than describing it as pretty or perfect.
4.Don’t over-describe things. A description should enhance the story, not drag it to a stop
5.Don’t describe things that don’t matter. If you spend a paragraph discussing a minor character’s mustache-grooming ritual, it had better be important to your story.
6.Draw your descriptions from real-life memories.


Informative/Explanatory Writing

Informative: MW Template

Format Tips for a Great Looking Project: Writing Folder Handout

Explanation of MLA and Sample at Purdue Owl Writing Lab

Don't forget to Spell Check your work.

To check the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of your writing:
Click Review, Spell Check when you are finished with your paper.

Internet Resources for Country Research: Social Studies Notes

PPT Writing--Marge D.

PPT Sentence Variety

Informative Assignment: Grades 5 & 6

Informative Outline 5th

Informative Outline 6th

Informative Outline Completed

Informative: Things to Know

Formal or Informal? Know the Difference

Make sure your facts are true. Use reliable sources.
This one was found on facebook. It may or may not be true.
Should it be used on an informative report?

Inserted Image

Author's Purpose

Mt. Rushmore: Great Example of Informative Writing--Check out the Text Features

Sample Rubrics

Expository ISAT 3-5 Student Checklist

Expository Rubric

Expository Essay Prompts

Writing Mood Sounds:  Rainy Mood    Ocean


Unit 5:  Pronouns

What is a Pronoun       More Info.  Pronouns at Fact Monster    List of Pronouns       

Life on the Pronoun Reef      100's of Pronoun Exercises      

ppst Pronouns     Grammar Games 4 Kids

Song: Schoolhouse Rock      Song: Grammarheads: Pronouns     

BBC        What Kind of Noun?        Pronoun Worksheets at K-12 Reader

1. 5th Pronouns WS 66
6th Personal Pronouns: Singular & Plural WS 65

Song: 1 Minute      PPT Pronoun 

Millionaire Game

Chant the Pronouns

Flipchart: Pronouns

2. 6th Pronouns & Referents WS 66

Balloon Game

Harcourt School: Pronoun Club House

Quia: Pronoun Poppers


3. 5th Subject Pronouns WS 67
5th Object Pronouns WS 68 
6th Subject & Object Pronouns WS 67

PPT Pronouns   Grammar Blast

4. 5th Combining Sentences: Subject & Object Pronouns WS 72
6th WS 68


5. Mechanics & Usage: 
5th Colons and Hyphens WS 69
6th Punctuation in Dialog WS 69

Song: Grammarheads: Quotation Marks

Song: "Quotation Mark" Song

6. 5th & 6th Mixed Review WS 70

Interactive Book

Pronoun Games    WRITE! Pronoun Activities

7. 6th Indefinite Pronouns WS 71

Definition & Examples      Sentences

English Club      

8. 5th Pronoun-Verb Agreement WS 71
6th WS 72

PPTPronoun Verb Agreement

Exercise        Quiz

9. 5th & 6th Possessive Pronouns WS 73

Possessive Pronouns at Your Dictionary

Review Game Zone

Activity   Exercise   Scroll Down to Pronouns

Video/2 Min. Possessive Pronoun or Adjective? How to tell the difference

Activities University of Missouri

10. 5th & 6th Mechanics & Usage: Pronoun-Verb Contractions WS 74

PPT Contraction or Possessive Pronoun?





11. 5th & 6th Mixed Review WS 75

Review     Grammar Bytes 

12. 5th & 6th Common Errors: Pronouns 76

PPT Pronoun at Slideshare

13. 5th Study Skills: Dictionary 
6th Note-taking & Summarizing WS 77

Online Dictionary

PPT Use a Dictionary

PPT Using the Dictionary

14. 5th Vocabulary: Word Choice 
6th Root Words WS 78

Vocabulary: Roots       PPT Root Words

Roots      List & Examples        Funbrain

Lesson at TV411    Reading Rockets

Grammar Blue Book with Quiz


Grammar Revolution


Compare & Contrast Essay: Use this format when you type your essay.


Unit 6: Adverbs, Prepositions, Interjections

Adverb Links      PPT: Adverb      Agenda Practice Exercises: Preposition

  Schoolhouse Rock: Adverbs      SR: Prepositions      School House Rock: Interjections

Printable Definition      The Hares and the Frogs      

Adjective or Adverb?      Mrs. Warner's Link      

1. 5th Adverbs 
6th Adverbs that Modify Verbs WS 80

PPT Learn about Adverbs

Definition & Examples      List of Adverbs

Game: Pick It      Quia: Rags to Riches

Study Zone

2. 5th Adverbs Before Adjectives and Adverbs
6th Adverbs that Modify Adjectives & Adverbs WS 81

Grammarheads: Adverb Rock & Roll

PPT: Adverbs

Rats!      Adverbs of Manner      

3. 5th & 6th Comparing with Adverbs WS 82

PPT: Comparison of Adverbs

 ***PPT Modifiers: Adjective & Adverb

4. 5th & 6th Negatives WS 83

Double Negatives

More Examples

5. 5th Mechanics & Usage: Punctuation in Dialogue
6th Colons and Hyphens WS 84

6. 5th & 6th Mixed Review 85

PPT: Marge D--Adverbs

Choose the Adverb

7. 5th & 6th Prepositions WS 86

Song: Sing the Prepositions

Song: Prepositions

8. 5th & 6th Prepositional Phrases WS 87

Definition at Chomp, Chomp

Song: Grammarheads Prepositional Phrase

PPT: Writing with Detail--Prepositional Phrases

9. 5th Object Pronouns in Prepositional Phrases 6th Prepositional Phrases as Adjectives WS 88

PPT Prepositions as Adverb or Adjective Phrases

Quiz      PDF Worksheet

10. Prepositional Phrases as Adverbs WS 89

Prepositional Phrases: as Adverb or Adjective?

PDF: Worksheet

11. 5th Interjections WS 89/6th WS 90

Definition at Grammar Monster      English Club

100 Interjections at Daily Writing Tips       

Grammarheads: Booyah! Interjections

Quia      Short Writing Activity      WS at Study Champs

12. 5th Combining Sentences: Complex Sentences WS 90
6th Combining Sentences: Prepositional Phrases WS 91

Lesson Plan: Common Core Aligned

Practice Here      

13. 5th WS 91 & 6th Mechanics and Usage: Punctuating with Introductory Prepositional Phrases and Interjections WS 92


14. 5th Mixed Review WS 92 & 6th WS 93

Prepositional Phrase Defined with Examples

15. 5th Common Errors: Adverbs WS 93
6th WS 94

Common Errors: Adverbs

OWL      PDF      English Practice    PPT Adverb Errors  

16. 5th Vocabulary: Figurative Language
6th Word Choice WS 95

Ms. Doglio's Figurative Language Links

Word Play: Choose 7-14

17. 5th Composition: Dialogue
6th Leads & Endings WS 96




Review this Information Before Major Writing Assignments
PPT Stretch a Sentence PPT Powerful Writing

Review: Sentence Variety Ppt.

Sentence Stretcher Links

How important is punctuation? Think about this:

Let's eat, Grandpa!

Let's eat Grandpa!

Good grammar can save your life!

English Links: Choose Writing  



Instant Online Poetry

Poem to Ponder: Bottom Line

Ms. Doglio's Poetry Links

Laura Candler's Awesome Poetry Links

Understanding Poetry

42 Explore: Poetry

Write an Acrostic Poem ETTC's Poetry Forms: Write & Print
Write at Can Teach Crazy Limerick Machine
Real Classroom Ideas: Poetry Write an Autobiographical

Write a Diamante Poem

Write a Diamante pdf

Cinquain ppt

Giggle Poetry

Halloween: Grandpa Tucker

Skeleton Parade & More

Halloween Howls

Halloween Stationery

Spooky Story Starters

October Writing Prompts

Video Writing Prompts

Surfnetkids: Halloween Writing Prompts

Holidays at Primary Games

Holidays with Mr. Donn

Holidays with Mrs. T.

American Folklore: Holiday Stories