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Social Studies

Mrs. Sitze


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Check out Iditerod 2012

Grade 5 Scott Foresman Social Studies

Grade 6 Scott Foresman Social Studies

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Social Studies Map Help

Africa Map Puzzle 1                 Middle East Map Puzzle 1                                               

Africa Map Puzzle 2                 Middle East Map Puzzle 2

 Africa Map Puzzle 3                Middle East Map Puzzle 3


National Geographic Explorer

Scott Foresman Social Studies

Time for Kids

Ben's Guide to Government

Atlas at Fact Monster

Go West with Lewis & Clark

World Geography

Internet 4 Classrooms

Learn about the 50 States

Sing & Learn

50 States

50 States & Capitals

USA Map Fills in as Song Progresses

Learn the Continents

Continents II

Continents& Oceans

Schoolhouse Rock: Social Studies

The Preamble

How a Bill Becomes a Law

No More King! The Pilgrims Come to America

Research Sites for Informative Writing Project: Countries

Search Engine

Fact Monster

Library of Congress

World Fact Book


U.S. State Department

Time for Kids



National Geographic

Science Kids

Country Areas Study Handbook

World Health Organization

GeoHive (Global Populations/Stats)